Funding options

Physiotherapy Junior is a private practice offering timely appointments in locations convenient to you and your family. There is no waiting list. 

  • Physiotherapy is usually included in private health insurance (with extras) – rebates will vary depending on a patient’s level of cover and the insurer.

The following options are subject to eligibility requirements. For further information please call our rooms.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – eligible and registered children can access this funding, and care can be provided through this practice to both develop a plan for physiotherapy and to provide physiotherapy intervention and ongoing support. For further information please click here.
  • Chronic Disease Management Plan  – babies and children with conditions that have been or are likely to be present for more than 6months and require treatment from 2 or more health professionals may be eligible. Eligibility is determined by your child’s doctor/GP. This plan allows for part funding for up to 5 sessions annually. More information available here.
  • Better Start for Children with Disability Initiative – children with a specific diagnosis and eligible, aged between 0-7 years, can access this funding which allows for early intervention by therapists and gives families the ability to choose a therapy service. For further information please click here.
  • Better start medicare – for eligible children up to 15 years. The child needs a care plan prepared by their GP or paediatrician (written before their 13th birthday). Allows for up to 20 (in total) part funded sessions. Click here for further information. These children will also be eligible for the chronic disease plan annually.
  • Other hospital based funding packages may be available to children following surgery or an admission to a public hospital, and include PAC – post acute care, PIT – post intervention therapy and HITH – hospital in the home.

Cancellation policy:

Due to the demand for appointments, Physiotherapy Junior requests 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation. A fee may be charged if appointments are cancelled without 24 hours’ notice.